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One of the biggest pitfalls or obstacle I've encountered in my life is my super power Cape clipart pink, Cape pink Transparent FREE for download on ... of "Not starting something." This is a blessing and a curse. It is a blessing when I actually need to be patient before starting something, allowing me the option to really put some thought into it. But on the other hand...
Isn't it amazing, the things you should be quick to pull the trigger on, you're slow about doing and those things that you should be slow about doing, you've left dust tracks behind you doing them?
Sometimes, my mind can really go! So much so that my thoughts are just swarming through my mind, I feel overwhelmed and I'm literally all over the place. 
My solution: Do nothing so that your mind is eased not realizing this will continue to happen whether today, tomorrow, next week, next month because I need to get the thoughts out of my mind and into action.
Slow down, Sit down, Breathe.
Real Solution: Write your thoughts down. Take action on the things you've written down. You will feel accomplished when you've checked them off your list.
Another pitfall, obstacle, not so super power Cape clipart pink, Cape pink Transparent FREE for download on ...  I have is "Not finishing something."
Now that I've started, have I completed one action, one project before moving to the next? 
The enemy, which sometimes is also yourself will flood your mind with other things, other projects, other activities that need to be done so that "the one" that you finally started is not finished. Before you know it, you'll have one, ten, twenty things unfinished. 
Finish your assignment, especially God's assignment. Is it ok to let God's house go in ruins while we work on our house (Haggai 1:4)? Do you understand this as it relates to His assignment he's given you?
Distractions as subtle as they are, as benefitting at times as they may seem, they are dressed up and sometimes in plain sight-DISTRACTIONS. 
 I had been wanting to get up and walk/ride my bike early in the morning, seemed benefitting to me, as this is something I've always desired to do. But it came at a time in my life when I was trying to build a business and had soooo many things to do, I found out it was a distraction.
Why? Because when I made it home I didn't have the same energy I had the previous week when I had gotten up and put my business first. I was tired and it was early in the morning! Needless to say I didn't get nearly as much accomplished as I had the week before and the tasks started to pile up. Looking back at the previous week, I was knocking out many tasks, feeling accomplished with my business, my eating and my fitness. It was all in how they were arranged/prioritized in my day. Another huge takeaway was that early in the morning, your mind is clearer, sharp, and focus, well at least mines is. I was giving my best energy to my fitness but it was not giving me that love in return. Why did it seem as if it was having an adverse effect on me? Like I was getting bigger? In hindsight, I was more stressed out trying to run out the house to start exercising at 6:30, I wasn't getting my tasks performed for my business, which was causing a ton of stress burdened with overwhelment and a sense of unaccomplishment. Anxiety had began to rear its ugly head again. No wonder I wasn't seeing the effects of my fitness routine. You can not lose weight or be fit if you are not fit in your mind first! All things work together. But first you must have peace. 
My Solution: Readjust your mind to readjust your day so that it benefits you and ultimately benefit those who are around you and will be placed on your path. Be cognizant about what's going on in your life because the enemy is very sneaky, subtle, you may not always see it as a hindrance. Ask God to show you, stay prayerful and seek out fellowship with those who can strengthen you and encourage you. No one will be perfect as we are all flawed but there are still good people who respect the word of God and honestly try to apply it to their lives. Until next time... 
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